LUC Mobile

February 5, 2013 12:00 am

For the first time, the Blackboard Mobile Learn app is incorporated into Blackboard Mobile Central for the iPhone and will sit on the springboard along with three other new apps. Mobile users no longer have to do two separate downloads, nor do they have to go to separate locations on their mobile device. Because Blackboard is so widely used at LUC, it is an especially nice convergence of the two applications. In addition to Blackboard Mobile Learn, LUC also has three new icons on the springboard: Alumni, Emergency, and 8-Ride (users can call for a ride in and around campus). Loyola Mobile was just deployed on Android too. Because smart phone usage on campus is only going to continue to grow exponentially, Loyola University Chicago is very excited to be able to provide this expanded service, and to be on the leading edge of smart phone technology!