Importing Free Courses into Moodle

March 13, 2013 12:00 am

There are always lots of comparisons between commercial systems and open source systems with many people keen to point out that you should be looking at the total cost of ownership when comparing the two. The biggest expense for any VLE will not be the software, the server, nor the people you pay to come out and install it. The single biggest cost will be the time that teachers spend creating their courses, regardless of which system you choose.
Many teachers have told me the single most frustrating thing about Moodle is knowing what to do with it once it has been installed. What does a course look like? ? What should go in a course? How can it be used? What is the difference between a resource and an activity? Of course there is the superb Moodle documentation wiki and the excellent forums at but most people just want to get stuck straight in and see what Moodle can do for them and their kids.
You can substantially reduce the time spent creating content and learning about Moodle by using or modifying existing Moodle courses that can be freely downloaded.
This video will show you how to download a free course from and import it in to you own Moodle installation. You will also see how to create categories and move imported courses to the desired place.
There is also a course exchange area at if you are looking for additional content to import and modify.