How to: Create a Moodle Quiz – Simplified!

March 4, 2013 12:00 am

To the point tutorial on how to create a Moodle Quiz. For more info visit:
Thanks to the great team at Bishop Ahr High School, without them this video wouldn’t have been possible.
The Moodle version being used here is 1.9.

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  • MSL formerly dancinggirl1555

    If a “flipped classroom” is about instituting digital learning…each student using a computer screen and a keyboard…., how can that also be a “collaborative kind of classroom”? And what is it about students using a screen and a keyboard that translates into generating “more interaction between teacher, student and course material”? Parents need to analyze the rhetoric they’re being fed by all the proponents of digital learning and flipped classrooms, because most, if not all, of it doesn’t make sense, like Education Reimagined’s claim that students need special preparation to face “great social and economic challenges.” Really? Do they honestly expect us to believe the challenges of tomorrow will be greater than what Americans faced going forward after October 29, 1929 and December 7, 1941. Be careful what you believe.