Flash CS6 103: Audio Scripting and Exporting – 1. Introduction

May 12, 2013 12:00 am

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Flash CS6 103: Audio, Scripting and Exporting by Iain Anderson
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First, youll learn how to add audio to your Flash project. Iain shows you how to control the balance, panning and fading of your audio files in the timeline as your animations play. Along the way, youll also pick up useful tips on audio quality and file formats.
Next, youll dive into the world of script-controlled interactivity. Youll learn the differences between Actionscript 2 and Actionscript 3 – Flashs native scripting language – and when to use which one. Youll also learn the basics behind making buttons which will give you the power to control and navigate your flash movies. Iain shows you how to use prebuilt elements like Components and Code snippets to make your life easier. After watching this section, youll be inspired to learn more about scripting!
FInally, youll see how easy it is to publish your Flash project to a variety of platforms. Youll get lots of handy tips on how to maintain the quality of your work but keep your file sizes manageable to optimize playback performance, both for the web and mobile devices.
As an added bonus, Iain takes you under the hood of Lefty and Ron his cute little interactive childrens book he created in Flash and then converted to an iApp Yes! With a little setup beforehand and a Developers Account (sold separately) you, too, will be able to produce apps for most major app stores, directly from Flash CS6!
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