Flash CS6 102: Creating Animation – 16. Distribute to Layers

May 12, 2013 12:00 am

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Flash CS6 102: Creating Animation by Iain Anderson
Video 16 of 21 for Flash CS6 102: Creating Animation
This course starts with keyframes. Ian shows how they work within the Flash timeline to create different types of in-betweening or tweening. He quickly dives in deeper, revealing the detailed and intricate ways to ease your tweens in and out for add realism. He then widens his focus to show you how to use Motion Presets. By understanding the inner workings of easing and tweening, youll start making those very subtle tweaks to your animations that bring a sense of finesse to the finished production.
Next up, youll learn the variety of different animation methods that Flash CS6 supports and by the end of this section youll have a solid understanding of the wide palette of animation types that are available. Soon youll be developing your own animation style with the added knowledge and confidence that you are using the best techniques and tools for any given situation.
This course concludes with a mini-project: A Banner Animation. Here youll learn how to apply and tweak multiple animations so they all fit and work together in visual harmony! With Iains expert tips, youll be able to quickly and easily breathe life into any artwork to create outstanding animations!
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