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  • mundaysa

    Thanks for such an informative infographic! There are also challenges students can complete. For Spanish, we have one with the hashtag #InstagramELE. Every day, students and teachers of Spanish from many countries participate and interact with each other while improving their language skills. We have a word or an expression for everyday of the month. More than 20,000 pictures have already been submitted with that tag!
    Thanks again,
    @desafioinstagramele team

  • Narralakes

    Great infographic, thanks for sharing.

  • Tuck

    #2 is HUGE and often overlooked. We have to sample and experiment and see what works best in our particular classrooms with our particular students. School leaders are sometimes guilty of pushing a tech platform/app/device on everyone because they saw that it worked somewhere else. Teachers are likewise guilty of using trendy tech just because someone else is. Test drive your tech and make sure it works with your students before cementing it in place as a fixture of your curriculum.

  • Checklist for this site: disable both lightboxes that inhibit the viewing of this content. Annoying as hell

  • Steve Goldberg

    James Joyce was known as one of the finest tenors in Ireland in his time. He also taught languages at the Berlitz schools in Europe when he was in voluntary “exile” from his homeland. He learned different languages easily, and even taught himself Norwegian to read the works of Henrik Ibsen in his native language.

  • Marta Olszewska

    That’s a really nice infographic and so great to see one of our Piktochart templates in use! We have a #BackToSchool series running on our blog now and it would be great if you contributed with some of your awesome tips for teachers. Let me know if you’re interested!

  • Self Paced eLearning is nothing but learning can access and learn the course at their convenient time schedule. No time frame to complete the learning.

  • Marsha Bolen

    Having the right balance between your priorities in life can take away a lot of unnecessary stress. It’s always a good idea to listen to what your mind and body are telling you, so that you can be proactive with the health choices you make.

  • Barly Semen

    Need some help. Help me please. Actually I rarely read any articles and I dont know how to reply this. Thanks a lot, it’s beneficial. However, I need it more information. Can all of you help me? Well, I know how to compare the interrogative form, whether do/does and to be. So, please help me how to explain to sentences that started with 5W1h? Send it to my email [email protected] . Thanks…

  • Steve B. Marks, Jr.

    The method demonstrated doesn’t work anymore.

  • LOVE the info-graphic… great stuff. I hope to use them in my business.

  • A wonderful study . Thanks billion .
    74 % says online is good or better than brick and mortar . To conclude that
    1.- We have to have 300 students classes of 2
    2.- One will get course A f2f, one will get same course online
    3.- You will have the same course 5 times
    4.- At the end we will measure
    What are the scores of each student in both classes
    How soon they learned in each class
    Then I can understand that online is better .
    But now I believe online is much better than f2f .

  • Viola M

    Also millanials should do house chores for seniors. We need help and can provide wisdom and get involved in your personal life.

  • Chucho Cell Oil

    Where did this study take place? I read the date of the study but I cannot see the place in which this study took place.
    Thank You.

  • very interesting infographic! My most recent onboarding proces experience (as an interim advisor) is: no on boarding proces in this organization so it costs a lot of time (and money). I’m sure a structured on-boarding proces supported with e-learning (with for example webinars and video’s) will on boarding easier and more succesfull!

  • Shelly McRae

    I would love to use this infographic, but the word substitution is misspelled. Thanks

  • This video provides no contact information – phone number or website for this product. Is it a product?

  • pmsfo

    Wouldn’t this infographic be better if the orientation was reversed? You would have 1991 on the bottom and 2015 at the top.Then you would show the revenue rising instead of plunging. Just my $.02.

  • Kalpesh Parmar

    Fantastic Stuff! Point 9 needs to be corrected as it doesn’t go with the statistic you’ve mentioned underneath, that is read as:
    “By 2016, 83% of organisations are predicted to use video as part of their digital learning.”

  • Molly Reynolds

    Really helpful tutorial. I am still trying to get my head around the software, I find playing around with it is really helpful but tutorials like this do make it that much easier! I have also found attending Captivate Training really got me going when I first bought the software, I do really suggest considering it.

  • Anwar

    I knew it. We should just play computer games and call it quits.

  • Colin Geissler

    Where did the data in the ‘clock’ graphic come from? What is the source of these numbers? For example the statement “3% of employees spend 91+ min/day on informal learning”. What was the sample size and selection criteria of the respondents? I can’t find the Nigel Paine interview on the GoodPractice site. Thanks.

  • What?! There are many SUNY and CUNY schools absolutely left out of this infographic. What’s up with that?
    (SUNY Adirondack and SUNY College at New Paltz grad here.)

  • Gary Gruber

    It’s about time! We have had the equation backwards for too long. We have held time constant and made learning the variable when we should be holding learning constant (and gradeless!) and be making time the variable without any concern for letter and number grades. If you value learning, grades fade in importance…..

  • QueenBee

    Just what I was looking for to help my son learn how to study! Thanks!

  • florwood

    Unless you get into faster than the speed of light, you can’t take more than 100% less time, since that’s zero. Maybe you meant 67% less time…

  • Perry Daciuk

    Nice overview. However, you overlooked the IBM PC, introduced in 1981, and the PC clones which followed. Although it didn’t have an immediate impact in the average classroom, teachers and others began to use it to prepare lesson plans and write papers, and by the late 80’s many high schools, colleges and universities had computer classes to prepare students for the business world, where the PC had been standardized over the Apple products.

    • Perry Daciuk

      OK, you didn’t miss it completely. You hide it under First Portable Computer, which can be misleading, since it was the desktop that had more of an impact at the time. It all sprung from the desktop.

  • Delighted to be on the Infographic …. er …. if not on the list of people underneath! 🙂

  • Sameh Yassin

    Hello, the video is so illustrative. I followed it and I have one problem, whenever I remove the green color there is a thin line border around me. This border is usually lighter green or white. Is that problem related to the camera or the lighting or I need to do extra adjusting?
    Thanks so much

  • REC

    Great info…..

  • Nice IG. Completely ignoring any type of cultural differences though. In a perfect world: yes we would all be able to be a collaborative leader. In most countries in Latin-America however, this type of leadership is impossible. I don’t even know where to start to point out how incorrect this model is for +70% of the globe right now.

    • Peter

      Hi Paul,
      Would be great if you could also share your thoughts as to why this is impossible in Latin America.

      Not all of us work across the globe, so getting insight from people who are on the ground as to actual challenges, instead of a ‘it just won’t work’ statement is a great way to collaborate.


      • I understand it feels like i’m just criticizing the IG. That’s not my intention. I really can’t explain cultural differences in a Disqus comment. It’s too much, sorry. But there must be some good reading out there. Cultural Dimensions from Hofstede helped me a bit. Hope this helps.

    • Jake

      I disagree. I live in Spain, culturally very similar to latin America, and this model works perfectly for my company (2 so far) and others i have seen apply it, although, perhaps, not many companies do. Maybe you mean that in Latin America, this model is more difficult to implement because of the bosses old ways in general, but to say “it doesn’t work” and” I can’t explain” really shows how you yourself are stuck in these old ways. So no wonder why you think like this.

      • Strange!! Every real Spanish person i spoke to in Panama (there’s a lot of people from Spain there) said that Spain and Panama are culturally worlds apart. Question: did you ever work in Latin-America, especially countries with a Caribbean Culture, such as Panama? And yes, this model is very very difficult to implement. If not impossible the coming decade. I believe in this model, as in the Netherlands this is really the way to do it. Just saying it doesn’t work for many countries, not yet.

        • Jake

          Well, NOW that you say Panama instead of Latin America and therefore changed your argument. Also NOW that you say “very difficult to implement” instead of “impossible to implement”, changing your argument completely, and therefore NOW that you say something completely different to what you originally said, NOW you could be right, or not, since its a different discussion, i don’t know.

          Coming back to your original point. Yes, i have lived and worked in various Latin American (not Panama) countries, and i have fund quite the opposite. So maybe, as you suggest, im not a “real Spanish person” (whatever that means).

  • That’s an eye-opening infographic thanks guys

  • Nancy Bolan

    Can you tell me how I would get permission to use this Kwolwes’ infographic in a paper?

  • Thomas Slomka

    While informative and visually attractive, this design is an info-poster not an info-graphic. If a graphic design requires a reader to page or scroll then the design is not a-graphic, it is something more: a poster, a booklet, a web site, etc.

  • Very interesting data, which should make us think about the future training.

  • Thanks for the information on educational material for children. Especially liked Hemingway App

  • Jill Frazier

    Quizzes can be fun. Drag and drop games and matching games go well with almost any content. Real life scenarios provide context that makes the learning/ lessons memorable. Immediate feedback corrects misunderstandings or miscommunication. You can never replace a well-informed presenter with mere canned-content.

  • Jill Frazier

    Great infographic by the way, kudos.

  • Donna Norton

    Thanks for the post, very useful and up to point!

  • Wow! Great infographic. I hope my Kindle has enough storage for all the books from the list I want to read!

  • Ajax Martin

    I have never in my life seen so much bullshit wrapped in a package called “education”. Andragogy isn’t even a word in the dictionary!

  • College 4 Texans

    The infographic says “Don’t be afraid to face your PARENTS” lol

  • Stephen Sunguro

    Adobe Captivate is a powerful tool for creating quizzes. I have used Captivate since 2005!

  • John D’Auria

    The wording in # 3 clouds the meaning

  • John D’Auria

    I really like the ideas would love to sharpen the language in #3 and #7

  • Out of 50. million K 12. Students how many are using one to one computers . Tablets are less than $. 100 . Then 50 million must have a tablet in the classroom . Where is DOE ?

  • MSL formerly dancinggirl1555

    If a “flipped classroom” is about instituting digital learning…each student using a computer screen and a keyboard…., how can that also be a “collaborative kind of classroom”? And what is it about students using a screen and a keyboard that translates into generating “more interaction between teacher, student and course material”? Parents need to analyze the rhetoric they’re being fed by all the proponents of digital learning and flipped classrooms, because most, if not all, of it doesn’t make sense, like Education Reimagined’s claim that students need special preparation to face “great social and economic challenges.” Really? Do they honestly expect us to believe the challenges of tomorrow will be greater than what Americans faced going forward after October 29, 1929 and December 7, 1941. Be careful what you believe.

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Leigh Hynes

    OMGosh can’t begin to tell you how bad the content and presentation of this poster is, considering it is supposed to be representing the benefits of integrating technology in classrooms. Students sitting in rows in a classroom. Really? How about some modern learning environments? Powerpoint? Really? How about creating their knowledge on a presentation? Saying 95% are using internet for research – how limiting, how absolutely underwhelming use of the internet , what about activities for learning? (Reminds me of the OECD report that said screen time was bad for students’ achievement. Turns out the ones having 4+ hours of screentime AFTER SCHOOL were the ones doing not so well.) Differentiated learning is reported on in a very small corner of the poster – and what about personalised learning? Big let down, this infographic.

  • Really informative post on content marketing.

  • Penny Lew

    Is there a way to purchase this as a poster? May we Print it to create our own poster?

  • PassionForEducation

    Getting enough sleep is definitely the single most important step in improving not only your grades in school, but the quality of your life overall.

  • Nicely done. Incredible infographic.

  • Rick Howard

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the tutorial. This is a much cleaner if/then/show/hide advanced action I used to use for similar effect… I’ve attempted to follow your example, but Captivate Advanced Actions is not happy with the Actions I set up – Change State of… Toggle_Pause To Normal. I’m assuming that I’ve overlooked something pre-Advanced Action. The ELSE Action doesn’t fly for me either – Change State of… Toggle_Pause To Down (Normal and Down are the names of my object states).

    Any thoughts on what I’m overlooking would be welcome and appreciated.

  • Robert Petitto

    Rules 2 and 3 are the same…

  • Giselle

    I like the first one that is posted. I agree i feel children play most thru play

  • Ok, nice one! For anyone interested in the concept of grit I wrote a post based on Angela Duckworth’s book: https://lingualift.com/blog/grit-perserverance-language-learning/


    Nice infographic..

  • marga allen

    I have never seen in my life such beautiful libraries. It’s obvious the masterpieces of architecture. I think I need to take a tour on these libraries and visit them all! Definitely add them in my wish list. Thank you for sharing!

  • Martin Serena

    A lot of really great tips. Especially the one about starting a course. It’s definitely a good way to show your commitment. I’d like to also add the making an infographic CV can be pretty risky. The layout and background can be pretty distracting for a recruiter. But infographic CV is also very creative way to tell about yourself.

    Martin Serena,

  • Donna Thompson

    Hi. I like your newsletters, articles and info graphics. However, this one might not have the best examples of situations for school children. “been with more than one women” “look at Mike’s wife” “roller skate while drunk” “drinking coffee at night to get homework done” and the list goes on. Good words to illustrate. Just need better examples, in my humble opinion. Thank you for your time.

  • global

    What about Ms Montesorri?

  • This is actually inspiring. Reminds me that I’ll be writing an admission essay in less than a year (and with some luck, another ten thousand college papers after that hehe).

  • Excellent info . Thanks billion

  • This is cool! Well done!

  • How much you pay to teachers ?
    How much Singapor and Finland pay to their teachers ?
    Who goes to education school ? High SATs, low SATs ?

  • A new year sure is a good way to start fresh and have a positive outlook for your business also a great opportunity for looking into your business on what should change or stay. Since here in the Philippines, January is renewal of necessary permits of businesses and legal compliance is compulsory since you can not legally operate your business.

  • Kalinth

    Well, Can not I add an external callouts package?

  • It is an excellent and an interesting article. Based on my personal experience as a Teacher, I would say that the course content usually dictates the format of the message being presented to the leaner. People’s background, disability, are interests are the main factors that stimulate the leaning process. For instance, it doesn’t matter how nicely you are offering your content if the recipient is not interested.

  • Thank you for publishing my infographic.

  • Need to re organize and sort out those that are not needed.

  • HeavenlyDigestion

    This infographic suggests all the professions are better paid in the USA. But is that really the case?

    The salary scales images seem slightly misleading. Consider Occupational Psychologist for example: $79,680 is £63,882, not much more than £61,350. Do they take into account purchasing power?

  • Nice motivation tip.

  • Dasha Maksimenko

    I think it is great idea when AR can act as a guide for doctors to reduce errors in the practice; and VR can be used as a new tool in both Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. But I have a question. How is it work?

  • Steve Spicer

    And the last one here is a copy of the second one…

  • Steve Spicer

    Well *your* version looks great! Thanks.

  • Ruben Hernandez

    The article and ensuing spate of statistics do not appear to have a basis in reality. The stats are incredibly misleading. No mention is made between the difference in training method and training medium. ELearning is a medium, not a method. The reason why so much of traditional (face-to-face) training isn’t effective anymore, is because “training” has become “trainer” centric rather than learner centered. And over the last 20 years, it has morphed into a type of PowerPoint Karaoke. So what we have are experts in some field reading PowerPoint slides to their participants. Shifting this same method to an eLearning platform won’t lead to improved results. If training is defined as merely “information transfer” then eLearning will definitely save costs…and allow participants to attend to the material when it is convenient for them while allowing them to go at their own pace. That’s definitely a plus. There are also some tutorials that can be taught via an electronic medium”. But most skills can only be taught in a face-to-face environment using effective methods…with constant feedback from an expert trainer.

  • Done!

  • Luke

    Great video! I love it when they’re short but get the point across.

  • Morooj Ayman

    can i use this pic

  • Maryrita Dunlavey

    There’s a typo under #2. The first sentence has a comma in the middle of the word academic, after the ‘d.’ Thanks for the infographic!

  • Maryrita Dunlavey

    A few more typos in the last section.

  • Sharon Gander

    Nicely done.

  • Janet Lake

    The 5th Grade Biliteracy Award requires an essay with research on this topic. Thanks for the statistics in an easy to read infographic!

  • I think other institutions hardly provide their students with such facilities for photography.

  • Gabriel Romero

    For Switzerland this is wrong. Children begin primary school at age 6 and the day lasts 6 hours. From 08:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. then 2 hours of lunch break and finally from 1:30 p.m. to 04:00 p.m. And we have Wednesday afternoon off as Saturday and Sunday.

  • Great job!!! It is not only law essay writing process but also other writing. I think If anyone follows it, he can write anything.

  • Janna Dark

    Great tricks!!!))) I was thinking about replacing “and” and “but” every time I wrote. Having said it was not able to do it. Thanks a lot. ))

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